Cyber Security and Risk Management

Cyber security incidents are on the rise and many businesses are unable to recover and resume operations after experiencing a cyber security incident. Chimera has an experienced team of cyber security experts ready to assist our clients to identify and respond to cyber security threats. The scope of our cyber security services include identity and access management (IAM) data, application, cloud, end point and network security.

Chimera has the following cyber security capabilities through its team:

  • Cyber Security Skills Development

    an EC Council accredited training and exam centre. We also offer End User Awareness Training and Phishing Simulations.

  • Defensive Security:

    Incident Response, Containment, Eradication and Forensic Investigations, Managed Detection and Response, Vulnerability Management etc.

  • Offensive Security:

    Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking, Phishing Attacks, Static and Dynamic App/Code testing etc.

  • Consultation Services:

    Risks Assessments, Maturity Assessments, Information Security Strategy Development, Information Security Governance, Technical Controls Assurance etc.